pic: 1771 teaser 2

Shiny riveted aluminum, cool laser burned shapes!

oh wow we have two basically indentacle pieces. I will post them a little later, because they are extremely revealing. but I am very curious if they have the same use.:ahh:

PLease post em up. I bet they are a similar use. I can’t think of too much else that these would be used for. BTW this is missing 3 motors and a bunch more aluminum plates.

I like it…I like it a lot.:cool:

  1. Shiny!

  2. Looks like you’re going to have an awesome bot!

I think we could have an awesome bot if we ever manage to finish it. We are way more behind than I would prefer but that is life. BTW this is for the practice bot…the real one will be powdercoated :cool:

OOOOOhhh powdercoating, blue and black right sean. Just like us, we could be twins. BTW, like your bot a lot this season. Hope to see you guys at Nationals.

we are way behind too.:ahh: I will post the pictures of our similair device later, maybe I will post some cad files of it later?