pic: 1771 with the governor of Georgia


A few members of 1771, along with several other Georgia teams, spent some time with Governor Sonny Perdue today. He was signing a bill that will increase the pay for certified math and science teachers in the state. The team drove their robots and witnessed the bill signing, along with many print and electronic media reporters.

I like Sonny as a Governor in respect to education. He gives out academic scholarships to athletes who have high academic honors in the core academic classes. He also has kept the HOPE scholarship afloat through some rough political waters, which is the only reason I was able to graduate college without an excess of student loans. He definitely can have an impact in expanding FIRST in GA, that is once the economic climate rebounds (none of the 5 Savannah teams that I knew were able to make it past a couple of years of existence :frowning: ).

Excellent! I like what that governor is thinking!

Excellent work 1771!

Looks like you guys need to get started on the Chairman’s essay :wink:

1771 wasn’t the only one around. I’m not sure if any other teams were there, but representatives from team 1261 were also around to meet the Governor and sit in on the Bill Signing.

I’m sure other GA teams were involved.

6 or 7 teams. They were the teams from Georgia that won Chairman’s, Engineering Inspiration, Rookie All Star, and Robot Competition Awards at either a Regional or Championship Event. FTC and FRC.

It was a day of recognition - of the team’s successes and the need to improve incentives for STEM teachers and STEM teacher recruiting.

We made some progress on all fronts.

Go here to learn more : another CD thread


Didn’t mean to slight any teams, sorry if I did ( I did mention in the post that there were other GA teams present, this was just a post of a picture of 1771)

I found this link today and I thought I’d dig up this thread to show everyone. The following link is the photo gallery for the Math and Science Bill Signing. It has a picture of all of the teams there.