pic: 1772 finalist Palmetto Regional

Coopertition Award
Quality Award

Thanks teams 1102 and 2751!
congratulations teams 343, 1261, 1398!

See you in North Carolina!!!

You all were great scorer from the middle in South Carolina. Your autonomous was very nice. Thank you for making the trip all the way from Brazil!

Good luck in North Carolina!

you guys are awesome! i hope that you go up to north carolina and blow them out of the water!:smiley:

Congratulations on the awards. Nice looking pit. I look forward to competing with you in North Carolina.

Congratulations guys! Ya’ll did a fantastic job spite having the language barrier and having a low number of members at the regional.

Very nice picture, and I do like the banner/curtain in the back. It was the tallest thing in the pits as far as I could see. :slight_smile:


Your robot was awesome, your team was great and the alliance you put together was a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations on the finalist, coopertition, and Motorola quality awards. Good luck in North Carolina and Altanta!

Congrats again guys, we’ll see you guys in Atlanta we’re bringing our 3 tech teams up there. We put up a heck of a fight. :smiley:

These guys were the real deal–they were up around the top of our pick lists (only behind teams like 343 and 49 that were stronger long-ball kickers that better complemented our home-zone strategy). Hope to see y’all again in 2011!