pic: #1772 robot


Brazilian Robot

Very nice looking package. Good luck this year!

That’s some nice machining! =O I especially like the labeling of the Bumper Zone.

Just one little thing. It looks like your drive shafts stick past the frame? I think that was ruled to be in violation of the frame perimeter rules (even if it falls within the 28x38 rules).

I believe those would be considered “minor extrusions”

Yes, but there is no rule that allows minor protrusions to stick out of a vertical projection of the FRAME PERIMETER if they are not inside the BUMPER ZONE.

The frame as pictured, appears like it may have a problem with <R16>

Very nice! … are you guys capable of going under the bump or are you a little too tall?:confused:

I like your 6 wheel drive design, and the compact size of your robot suggests that you will be going under the bump, a good plan indeed. All in all, good job!

thanks the replies guys!

the bumper zone has 1/2 inch more than the rest
and the max perimeter is 16’ x 23’ x 31

Water-jet FTW?

laser cut…

Well it was one of the two :rolleyes:

Very nice! That’s one good looking machine right there.