pic: 1778's Olaf


1778’s 2014 robot Olaf (the practice robot is Elsa). Roller claw pickup powered by a BAG on a 10:1 VP on an arm (we called it the gate) powered by a CIM through a 100:1 VP. I’m reasonably certain we were putting an irresponsible amount of torque through the 100:1, but it lasted through 32 matches and lots of practice (several hundred cycles). I’m curious to take it apart and see what it looks like.

All of it built on a square AM14U in the half long/half wide configuration. This wheelbase is just on the wrong side of the critical scrub line. It didn’t scrub in tight turns until we had the bumpers and all the superstructure on it at the same time. All up with the battery I think it was a little over 100 pounds.

[COLOR=“Silver”][SIZE=“1”]And that’s why you ALWAYS zip tie the battery.[/SIZE][/COLOR]