pic: 177's articulation test

This was taken during the the first articulation test 177 performed on this year’s robot. We had our active suspension driving over the bump a few hours later, but at this point we just rolled it across to make sure all the articulation and clearances worked properly.

One of the coolest drive trains I’ve ever seen and I enjoyed taking a look at it in Connecticut.

I LOVED this drivetrain… until the eliminations when the frame exploded. :frowning:

In all seriousness, awesome drive system, I really did love it. I liked how the pneumatics when fully retracted raised the front wheels a little bit; that’s a really cool idea. Seemed to serve you guys pretty well this year!

Ya ironically it was us that did that, I guess our driving was a little too aggressive.

I’m curious, anyone got pics of the bot after the frame was apparently “exploded” by #694? :smiley:

Not as cool as it sounds. Once the TBA video is up (I’ve heard it exists!) you can see how it looked on field, but frankly everyone was more worried about getting it fixed. We didn’t even need a timeout in the end, and 177 went on to feed balls effectively from the middle zone, putting up a good fight against the superstar #1 alliance.

The pnuematics raised the front and rear wheels effectively making the robot a 4WD when we weren’t climbing or pushing.

We actually put bars on the robot at championship to prevent someone from driving into us like that on the bump again.

The match video will be better than the pictures we have. Essentially we just broke the welds on the 2 cross members that connect the 2 drive pods. This caused one side of the robot to raise up and broke a pnuematic mount.

The attachment wasn’t intended to be put in tension like the way the collision with 694 stressed the welds, basically they hit square inside the drive pod near the middle of the robot. The repair was pretty simple and planned out so we had it done and back together Wednesday night at championship.


If there is actually interest I’d be more than happy to follow 148’s example and post full CAD models of our drivetrain.

If you take out the welding issues (lack of full penetration ) on both frame welds, and wheel welds, the drivetrain was issue free all season. (We also broke one pivot module when we fell off the bar)

But if there’s not interest I won’t bother.

Let me know.

I would be very interested in seeing the Cad of your DT.

That makes 2 of us! I would love to take a look at your cad model.

3 then! It would be awesome for me to see any design I can so I could study more about designing robots for competition :open_mouth: Your drivetrain looks awesome. It would be awesome to see your CAD model.

Yo Chris, hook it up on that CAD :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want, I could host the files here along with other team robots: