pic: 179 & 1889 Look Good Together

Can you guess which parts are 1889’s and which are Swampthings? I was tempted to run a green stripe down the middle of Tytus’ chasis…

Darn it Dan, now you are going to make me paint my robot. =O

Make tytus a shell like the 2k5 bot and paint that green. =)

Nice cheese holing!


Is that just an autobody shop you have them painted in? They both turned out very nice.

Yes this is at our shop, there is a paint booth across the alley. We had the room at 120 degrees while painting, which is no different than our usual summer weather. This is a cool room, it sucks all the fumes down into the floor and filters the air.
Tytus used regular spray paint on the purple frame. He said he actually opened a can of spray paint and poured that into the spray gun… Not sure how all the paint didn’t blast out of the can.
Ari, You guys look done, don’t whine about a paint job…

ah yes there’s Dan tilting my spray gun too far getting ickey green paint all over the outside of my canister.

ya the spray cans do spray all over when you use the can opener on them. but it does work as long as you don’t get it in your face

Ty and Dan great job once again on both robots. 179 has been helping a lot of younger teams as always =). Looking foward to the preship scrimmage ,1251 is gearing up already. I can’t wait see you guys in a few weeks.


*goes and whines to mentor:*WHY CAN’t OUR ROBOT BE PAINTED??? I WANT A PAINTED ROBOT!!! WAHHHHH!!!

Nice job guys. Glad you’re painting it and not me- it’s 19 here this morning and I was waiting for the bus in it- suffice to say 120’s a little warm for me.

now i remember why purple and green look good togeather


Looking a bit like some MOE green is being used here… its an infectious color:yikes: :smiley:

Lookin’ good. I’ll worry about cosmetics later.

A neat tip we use in design school for getting sweet paint colors is we go buy nail polish and thin it out and spray it. Of course you would need a lot of nail polish to do a whole robot. But just thought i would share.

Nah, that’s not it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ill stick to the Silver our robot is made of. Always looks good to me.

But that still looks cool:p