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In pursuit of simplicity, this year we tried a 1/4" flat water jetted plate for the base, using the bumpers for structural rigidity. The plate is quite rigid alone, however with a well constructed fixed bumper frame it should stiffen right up. Makes working on things very easy.

Awesome concept! I love unique approaches like this, can’t wait to see how it turns out. Also digging the tubular arm construction and spring loaded minibot deployment mechanism. Fits together nicely!

What’s the weight of everything pictured?

I think I would be worried about deformation of the plate at the attachement points of the tower. Are there plans to reinforce those areas?

It’s extremely light, I’m guessing 50lbs right now. We’re going to add 1x1 steel angle on the underside around the perimeter for ballast and strength. Maybe a couple lateral members in there as well if things look too flimsy. But it’s pretty rigid as is, and the bumper corners will get beefed up. I just thought it made sense to take advantage of the bumper strength. Has anyone else done this before?

Very interesting,

I would personally be scared to do something like this because of high speed collisions, but if you add the 1x1 steel angle then it should be fine. Then again we tend to make our frames more beefy than they need to be :D.

I do love how easy it makes to work on the robot, and also easy to manufacture. Can’t get much better than having a frame done after a water-jet run.

Also, I like the mini-bot deployment system. Does it just work using the weight of the mini-bot to compress the springs in the vertical position and then extend when horizontal?

Very cool concept Dan, can’t wait to see it in person.

Is there a Swamp Scrimmage this year?

a student cut his thumb open the baseplate and got blood all over last night. its an omen for a great season.

Thanks Dave,

It’s got a rotating latch that holds it upright and coiled, rotates 90 and releases. And I think we’re doing the scrim, however I got an email from team 1543, and they are coordinating a “robot ruckus” scrim in Orlando on the 19th. I need to find out the plans. It would be nice to have a real scrim on a full field with more teams. But we’ll announce ours soon if we’re doing it on the 19th as well. Would you guys come?

That is an incredibly innovative use of bumpers.

Yes, most likely we will be able to make it this year. For the past 3 years we have had to finish our robots on that last weekend, but right now we are on schedule and should have a completed robot by then if all goes as planned.

Your place is only about 45 minutes from our place, but Orlando is a long drive for the team so I’m not sure we would go that far.

Last time we were there it was also Tubes for game pieces :rolleyes:

What is the legal height of the bummper for this years competiton we were going on last years i think that said 10"

The bumper zone this year is much lower: 1"-7"

On bottom left portion of picture, minibot deployment via springs right?

Hi Glenn,
Yes… Boing, smack, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ding ding ding, yay!

Don’t do this. PLEASE read the manual.

:smiley: :smiley:

Here’s a 1.8 second run:

And here’s the 1 second deployment:

You guys should definately come to Robot Ruckus in kissimme on the 19th.

Team lead says we’re going to host the swamp scrimmage again this year. I hear we have a good turnout planned this time. I think he said 2 teams from Boca, Spam, Mars and hopefully Tech Tigers. So we could run some full up 3v3 matches! We only have 1 pole and 1 scoring grid though, so bring field items if you can, and food and drink for your team… If there’s any other So Fl teams interested please PM me, it will be Feb 19th 10:00am at the old Inlet Grove High School:

we also have the 2005 robot retrofitted for Locomotion, Placebo bot.

Is your arm by chance welded on??? It looks like it. I might be wrong but from the view it sure looks like it.

P.s i mean the hand/gripper/manipulator