pic: 179 Swampthing 2009

2009 Swampthing


you got a video of this beast? :smiley:

Looks great, wish I could have been at the scrimmage to see it in action. Is that porch screen?

Actually, it never ran at the 179 Swamp-scrimmage. I think they are holding out on us. They have some secret out-of-the-mud strategy planned for Orlando. 179 and 1343 and 180 all have some surprises awaiting teams at Orlando! 1523 is ready!

Looks awesome Dan. Can we carbon copy that robot? :slight_smile:

so mad i had to miss the last days! Good to see it looks like everything came together

I feel like the Florida Regional is going to be absolutely ridiculously competitive this year. Another fine robot from 179, even I’m still not 100% sure exactly how it works.

no tim thats a robot

Well I have video of the practice bot, but I hope to get some of this one this morning before we stick her in the box. This one has a number of upgrades from the practice bot, but basically the same. I’ll post one or the other tonight. It will have traction control crab drive, uses camera to score. The balls feed into the bottom of the basket and the basket is dumped by rolling up the strap on the top crossbar. In theory it could hold and score well over 35+ balls. Also the backboard shape makes it easy for the payload specialists to throw balls in the basket. It’s a lot of fun to drive. She eats any ball in any condition. Also the real amazing thing here is that it weighs 100lbs… So We’re having trouble adding weight inconspicuously. I love the 1x1x1/16 alum box tube, we’ve never used it before.

I guess its just lexan and my eyes are lying?

looks good

Good looking robot, hopefully I’ll get to see it in action.


“beastly” as always. We aren’t going to Florida this year, so hopefully we’ll see you in AtlantaToo bad you guys couldnt go with your traditional neon green.

Great to see it all together Dan! I want to see that baby track.

Avast ye, Ari, where’s Mr. Krab’s twin?

Here’s Video of the 2009 Swampthing

Mr.Quiggle impressive once again I will be looking out for the 179 and 1345 robots at the Florida regional. Is 179 going else where this year?

Once again an awesome machine from team 179.

I love how simple it is and yet so effective. Can’t till Florida Regional to see the two robots in action.

No other regionals :frowning: But if 1345 goes to the Bayou Regional, some of us are planning to go with them, and we’re set for nats.

I’m excited to see you throughout the season and I love the drive system.

I crown 179 king of the dumpers.