pic: 179 Swampthing 2k4

We ran her some more tonight and ran the winch which lifted great. Still lots to do. Scrimmage this weekend with 180, 267, and 1251. It’s gonna be fun!

Very impressive, as always the green looks super cool!

Is the little piece of metal in front a goal grabber?

Lets ask another question, is that still pvc or is it now a piece of metal… Tytus, Great robot again and i can wait to see an updatyed video of this bot since the video a few weeks ago…

Yes it’s a simple piston actuated goal grabber, work great. And there’s video from tonight posted on the front page of our website http://www.179swampthing.org/
bottom right corner link.

Its Just The Old Polly Vynel Chloride pipe With black Paint . theyre great because we can make a dozzen of them witl verry little cost and be able to replace them when they get Krunched

Wow! How fast does your bot go?? It zoomed accross the field!

Nice robot… I see you’re gonna use window motors to move the 2x ball and globes to move the arms… But the thing that puzzles me is the use of the van door motor, which I supose is to somehow with some device go up on the 10ft pull up bar.
There’s a question though, does the arm have enough strength that the globe motors won’t stall or backwind when lifting up the 3 pound 2x ball?

Once again, a very impressive robot by 179. It only gets better every year, I love it!

Nice robot, and I’m glad you guys are going to Nationals this year. I kind of expected a super POed robot from you guys this year, since last year’s robot took up the entire ramp and is constently angrified.

Looks like you reverse engineered the 312 machine from 2001.

See it here: http://www.firstrobotics.net/01gallery/pages/312-1_jpg.htm

Might look like that, but I highly doubt they had that in mind. Many bots will have similar design, but will most likely not be identical.

If it runs as good as it looks, you guys will do great

they did… yet they changed and who knows … mayb improved a few things

Instead of the smaller drills from 3 years ago they used the globes… and at the top they used the windows

very impressive guys :slight_smile:

I’m sure your going to have a very industrial grade and very competitive robot this year


actually they said the design was inspired by 312 in earlier posts…either way it looks like one heck of a good job…gl with it…

How does it climb the stairs? Those wheels look awfully small.

It’s green.
It runs on batteries, no gas.
It’s a earth-friendly green machine. LOL :slight_smile:
Nice job on the bot.

The pvc is great at lifting the balls and the motors do just fine. we cant drive up the stairs, our wheels are only 6 inches, but we can get up onto the platform if we use the arm. It runs like a dreamy swamp thing. :smiley:

nice paint!!!


Hanging is very painful to watch! 10’ what were they thinking?

…ouch thats gotta hurt