pic: 179 Swampthing

Promotional video

Autonomous video

What happened to hybrid?.. that auton was pretty perfect though anyway.

Sick, can’t wait to play with and against you guys at UCF!

you guys had a killer last year can’t wait to see this thing in action

Do you use the robocoach to tell the location of the robot or on-board sensors?

Nice robot by the way.


how many points can you guys get in a match? I’d like to ask this question of anybody who reads this too!

beautiful robot as always, cant wait for UCF!


During “Hybrid” mode - if we are the ball knocker offer bot, then we will want to start in the center of the rack. Then it waits for a command from the robocoach, which is what position the ball is in 1,2 or 3. Then the other routine is laps, and the robocoach can assist an already complete autonomous route.
As far as points… I guess it can get up to 20 pts in hybrid, and when alone we can get about 5-8 hurdles, so that’s another 50-80 pts w/ laps included, plus maybe set it back on the rack at the end. But thats all in a perfect world. Maybe more like 1/2 that is a good real match.
I can’t wait for UCF either. 3 weeks is a long time, especially since it’s always been the second week. The venue looks great this year though, I can’t wait to see the new arena and setup.

Awesome robot. Cant what.See you guys at ucf. love the “in a perfect world”