pic: 179 USS Swamp Lobsta

She’s been christened as the USS Swamp Lobsta. A long tail and pinchers! She can be watched in action here:

I spy corrugated lexan! We are considering using this stuff after seeing it on team 173 R.A.G.E.'s hopper last year. It looks to be holding up well, but are there any specific complaints about it?

The robot looks beautiful!

that is a pretty sweet ramp! Looks like you guys are just going to lift a robot using your ramp.

Nice job with the manipulator. It looks very easy to pick up and score the ringers.

it’s quite good stuff, 1126 has been using it for a few years now.

the thing i don’t get is the position of the inside honeycombs, i did a few tests with it recently and noticed it’s a lot stronger with the honeycomb innerads perpindicular to the support rails underneath. so what was the choice of placement?

Do you have any vids of your old robots driving onto it?

I guess its just me as nobody else has complained, but I cannot open the above movie (07bot.avi) in Windows Media Player, Nero Showtime, or even VLC, which opens everything.

I can see the thumbnail in windows explorer, but when I open it it won’t even begin to play. Is this problem only with me, or has nobody else tried to watch?

Works fine for me… I can even go full screen (very pixilated). It should be a regular .avi playing on Windows Media Player.

Hmm. I tried Windows Media Player again, and this time it opens, but it crashes around 8 seconds consistantly. Quite odd… maybe I just need to reboot :confused:

EDIT: Nevermind, it worked in Nero Showtime… I guess my comp is on the fritz :frowning:

Nice video of it scoring! Looks to be a good machine. Are all of the ramp supports on casters, since you were moving with it delpoyed?

Yeah, Winamp opened it, and it looked fine for most of the way, then when it had something like 5 seconds left, Winamp “caused a serious error”…and the video looked awful about halfway through, like there were no keyframes anywhere…

Oh well.

Nice manipulator (why does that sound vaguely dirty?)


The problem that is affecting some people is that the video is encoded with Divx. If you don;t have the Divx Codec installed then you wont be able to play it. You can download the codec at Http://www.divx.com/divx/windows/download/index.php

How much does it weigh?

  • That paneling works good for something off the shelf thats strong and light
  • It needs to be supported min every 8" from an edge and the supports are in the axial direction of the ramp, not so much the sides
  • there are rounded nylon end caps on all the floor contacting points
  • right now we’re about 5lbs over weight. But we have 2 of the large cims with 2 small cims installed currently. If we do not find ample weight savings in some other places, we may go back to the 2 smaller cims in each AM shifter.
  • I do not have video of our other bots driving on it, however we did do that, and it worked great with our crappy wooden programming bot (woody). Also we placed 2 bots on top of it. I will get video of the deployment and 2 bots riding up it this week though, and post that.

I have learned that building a ramp is much harder than it seems. I wanted to build an arm and then have a simple ramp off the end but I couldn’t get around the structural requirements needed to have a ramp that could last the rigors of 20+ competition matches.

Thanks for the compliments!

Where did you get the lexan from, and how much did it cost you? Our team did some inquiries and didn’t find anything below $190 each sheet. Also, how much does it weigh?


It’s this stuff the 16mm thickness. They sell it at lowes here in Florida. Although we have hurricanes here and you probably don’t so it may not be on the shelf. it was $98 for a 4x8 sheet

man, right after I leave you guys take all the pictures

Looks really great, I was just wondering, have you tested it when a robot hits it from a running start? Knowing you guys it doesn’t matter, but hey, I’m curious…

Not yet, but tonight we’ll run it through its ramp paces. However that lowest panel is well supported since its short and just from walking on it, I think its going to do fine. When alliances climb on you you’re right in front of them so they can see what they’re doing. We found its not hard to drive right up the center even from far away (where the best structural support is). So I think the skinny ramps will even work good. We added width for the climber under diress. We were thinking of forklifts but decided if we drop someone that would be bad. This way if they fall off its their fault and leaves the control/decision to the drivers team whether to risk the climb or not. A 12" drop can be devastating to a bot not built for that. Once you get somone in the air and they get powered off, if you don’t have them balanced right, they can roll right off.