pic: 179 weldments so far


Nope it doesn’t launch… But could it?

This looks awesome, seems very strong. I can’t wait to see the finished product, and I am really curious to see how guys are getting the ball over the overpass.

By the way, are you guys hosting a scrimmage again? Just wondering. :wink:

It might just be me, but does it seem much smaller than 28x38?
Something tells me this isn’t just designed for hurdling the trackball (if it is at all), but quick laps as well.

I agree, it appears that the hole in the “hood” of the robot is where the ball would sit. The arm may have a roller of some sort to get the trackball and keep it in the robot. Nice looking robot! I can not wait to see the finished product! :yikes:

I’ve always considered Swampthing to be one of the fastest teams out there (2005 comes to mind) and I have a feeling this year will be no exception. This looks like one slick bot.

Edit: 179th post, what are the chances :stuck_out_tongue:

Dave, Mr. E should have received an email about it. They are hosting the scrimmage on February 16th.

… can’t wait to see this sucker finished. =)

Cool, I haven’t talked to Mr. E about it. I’m looking forward to it. Also I meant to say “can’t” wait.

Hey David,
I’m looking forward to it also. I dunno how our semi field will handle all the racing bots and bouncing balls though, heh. I look forward to seeing yours as well.

As far as speed, this will be our fastest bot to date, but I’ve seen other teams quoting faster speeds. I just think controllability is probably going to matter more than raw speed, if playing with the balls anyway. The guy holding it (Sean) in the picture is the driver, he’s why they go so fast. :ahh:
We are actually using the single speed kit transmissions :slight_smile: Reason is last year we had shifters but Sean didn’t shift until we were on Einstien. So we never needed them…

It is 2" under in each direction, so that’s not a big deal really. It just looks smaller I guess. Tytus did the cover design, and tweaked last years base. We’ve got a great team of helpers this year. They’re all working quickly.

The arm and some other features not shown are a beatty do it all menagerie, but we’ll see how it all works out in reality… It will also have a gyro and a beefed up IR doo dad. Last years bot does great with it.

The “hole in the hood” is more of an astetic choice by me to put a clear hood with lexan on a piano hinge and Gas springs that opens forward with a cool HISS sound like a BMW or Jaguar or somthing, so you can see all the idiot lights and do-dads, while at the same time providing access to the batery. although it may just end up being a removeable cover.

but in the end it may all just be scraped for weight, Oh well

Update :slight_smile:

That’s excellent implementation of the KISS principle. I love it.

Nice looking robot there. Another solid roller claw design. Which motor is that up there powering the roller element?

EDIT: looks like a Globe?

What kind of results do you get with the globe on the roller claw?

The globe works great, it is speed increased 2-1. Feeds pretty fast, just right I think.

179 looking sweet as always…nice bot

I am always excited to see Swamp unveal their beastly machines. . .
Very good-looking robot, obviously.
Tell me if I am wrong, but it appears that the intimidating design on the front will be (partially) covered up by the bumpers, which is unfortunate. I supose you could opt to not use bumpers on the front, but I think I see where they are planned to be mounted - so I guess you are using them.

That looks awesome.

What size pistons are the ones shown?

To back this up, our globes geared 1:1 work fantastic for our roller.

the covers main function is to protect the electronics from harm. the “teeth” do get covered up a bit but they should be visible from the stands, or people standing around it

Update :slight_smile:

We have hurdlages