pic: 179's Control Box (unfinished)

this thing is bomb proof bullet proof drop proof car proff babby proof drill biut proof counter-sinc proof robot proof tank proof crush proof Tytus proof, unfinished, no tool we have will cut it, and its Verry Heavy.

I apolgise for these blury pictures My camera hasant been the same since a fello team member droped it in houston

I have to say i love this control box tytus!!

it is totally awesome!! and i really mean this now-- i’ve not seen anything like this before and really cool that u got it waterjetted (water jets–awesome machines)

and well it’s be even better when u get it done— but really awesome and not destructable so yeah that’s even better

Heh, it looks like a cage for some kinda creature. Tytus spent many hours tracing the Cad Font to make this thing. I thought it was a bit too ornate but seeing it all done is pretty cool. We put our poor sponsor to the test again blowing this thing out. BIG THANKS TO BTI!!! Tytus got his name emblazend forever (and Amanda!). We decided if there was ever a nuclear war we’d fight over this thing to put over our head. It’s .1" thick stainless plate… Don’t ask me why, I just give into the kid. Although not like the waterjet cares. But I know this thing is gonna take out a toe. I broke my finger last year at nationals, so now I’m gonna wear steel toe boots.

That’s amazing! When I saw “control box” I wasn’t expecting an actual box!

“no tool we have will cut it, and its Verry Heavy.”

20 bucks says my 3" rotary cutter will chop it in half

all right, free money :slight_smile:

ok, so i was just with my Spam Friends Helpng them load the trailer for UCF and they say that the operator ststion has only a 42" shelf. On the field drAWings there isint too much detail but ive been told that i have 48" and this stainless steel box witch we have no tools to cut it with is exactly 47.9" can somine please tell me for shure what space i have

PS: if you dont know for shure, or are just going to make fun of me Please don’t Post

i believe that you have more than 24"

I’m not 100% certain, but I thought the shelf was only three feet. But, since I have my 2003 controls sitting half a foot away from me as I type this, I’ll go measure :).

Our 2003 controls measure 42" exactly, although I seem to remember there being more room than that on the shelf, but it’s been a year (tomorrow) so I can’t remember. I can tell you though, we made it only 42" for a reason, I just can’t remember why :-p.

And about cutting it down, if needed, just tell the freshmen, whoever can bite through the steel plate first gets a cookie. Or maybe apple sauce would be better…

Very beautiful control box. Lovely design and construction. I hope it fits in the given space…it would be a shame if it doesn’t.

P.S. - A plasma cutter would cut through that without any difficulty :smiley: .

The size of the shelf this year is smaller than last year’s because our controls that we have used forever wouldn’t fit on the shelf at VCU. The problem was that the E-Stop button was at one end and the support for the ball dump was at the other. If you put something underneath the edges so it only folds up (won’t fold down, so it can hang over the edgs), you should be fine. That’s what we did.

Tytus and 179…

That is one cool box. You guys are crazy, but very nice.

Andy B.

I’ll concur. That’s certainly not how I would build a control box … but it’s mad pimp nonetheless. :smiley:

Beautiful job! I designed my board for my driver and I all of our years, and I know all of the work that goes into it. This is aboslutely amazing though!

… regarding the measurements, the only comment I can remember is that ours was less than the allowable size last year [48" I believe] due to crate dimensions.

… who shall be the muscles to carry this around? I hope you have a strong driver! :ahh:

It’s spelled out in <R85>