pic: 1810 Robot Extended (2018)

1810’s FIRST Power Up Robot fully extended in a 10’ tall classroom. Extends to approximately 9’ in total without cube. Typical PVC chassis with aluminum scissor lift.

I would like to know more about this.

Do you have bumpers with a rounded plywood corner backing?

A strict/observant Robot Inspector might take issue with your rounded frame perimeter and the bumpers not following it. The simplest resolution being to shim out your corners to give them a them square profile.

Hooly… are those Lunacy wheels?

This is actually the most metal I’ve ever seen on a robot from 1810. They do amazing things with PVC.

Well, I’ll be. I guess if they made it through 2016 with a PVC chassis, they must really know what they’re doing.

Good luck to you all during the season!

We’ve been using PVC for our chassis for most of our team’s history actually! At least since 2009 Lunacy, and we were founded in 2006. It’s our way around having no access to metal shops or specifically welding equipment. We use thickwall 3/4" PVC Schedule 40 pipe/connectors and Gorilla PVC glue to secure. We build the chassis by layers, and it creates for an interesting challenge. Speaking of Lunacy…

Those definitely are! Unfortunately, those are our last set if I’m correct. We used them last year as well with the same formation we have currently, one set having Lunacy wheels and one set having tread wheels.

We actually did use a PVC chassis in 2016! It was a really tight fit, honestly, but it worked. Fortunately it led us to our newly preferred door-hinge style electronics board so we can unscrew the board on the bottom of the robot and have access to electrical. And thank you, good luck to you as well!

It’s the most I’ve seen myself. It feels…off. But in a good way! In a way that I can at least feel more assured of sturdiness. Can’t wait to see you guys at Heartland!

We’ve never had issues with a rounded frame perimeter, actually. They measure around the whole thing, rounded corners and all at the connectors since they are wider than the pipes themselves. If anything, our bumpers overlap one another to where it’s annoying enough to flip the fabric to a different color, but they cover the entire frame.