pic: 1824 with 2 up at BAE

1824 holding up our alliance partners 501 and 175.

I know that you guys managed to get your alliance up many rounds- but every single time was just as exciting as the last!!

Congrats on your win, you made the competition that much more fun to watch!

Some specs on the robot:

1> 4 Wheel direct drive, 1 CIM with 16:1 banebots transmission per wheel
2> Pneumatic 7 1/2" tires
3> 37" wide ramp (for sloppy entrance)
4> Welded box steel frame for robot, ramp and platform.
5> 16 degree incline with 2 - 8 degree transisions back.
6> 89" long parking spot on top, all above 13"
7> No slits in ramp
8> Ramp has high traction non-skid surface
9> Fail-safe latching system (no penalties for unlatching outside of zone)
10> Gravity deployment system
11> 4’ high 144 lbs.

haha i only wish we had remembered to play defense that round

I was the driver for 501 and man o man did u guys save our buns so many times! Great work on the bot and i couldnt believe no1 picked u! u were easily the best defense/ramp bot there! thanks for the great team work and 501 would choose you for an alliance at nationals anyday!!! :slight_smile:

how is your robot a 144 lbs the rules state the maximum you can go is 120 lbs

120 lbs robot + 15 lbs bumpers + 9 pound battery.

o i forgot about that