pic: 1829 Carbonauts Teaser

Here’s a teaser for some part(s) of our 2013 robot, any guesses as to what it is?

Frisbee pickup. Push this onto a Frisbee from the top, and it pops into a vertical hopper.

Frisbee hopper? (Or above)

clearly their climbing mechanism :rolleyes:

You may want to check the rules I’m not sure if an arc reactor wold be allowed on the robot

And how are the metal brackets mounted to the board?

those are two different halves to your shooter, I believe I can see two cuts in each of the circle’s. making them halves. the flanges are to contain the top of the Frisbee and the middle circle and the bottom of the outside circle are rails for the Frisbee to ride on.



Upon closer review of the picture, there are only cuts on the one side of each circle.

Therefore it is a hopper that helix’s us to your shooter.


Or the method of cutting out the center of each circle required them to make the cuts

have you heard of a jig saw? and drilling a hole first?

I just did that earlier today. It was just an idea.

This is obviously a holder for a frisbee sample. I assume that you are using a colored frisbee as a physical sample on your robot to calibrate your vision system to the changing lighting conditions on the field, similar to the calibration unit on the Mars Science Laboratory rover.

Would a frisbee mounted onto the robot mean they could only hold 3 frisbees for use in shooting?

Look at the writing on the protective covering on the polycarb. Using that to guess the scale, it seems like it’s far larger than a single frisbee.

I’m going with some sort of spiraling and/or rotating frisbee storage.


You’d like to think so!

It does look like it, doesn’t it?

Well, now that’s an idea. Might have to let vision tracking people know about that one.

That seems to be the popular idea here, maybe it is…

It is a Frisbee pick up device that works like one of those bags that pick up golf balls. We prototyped an identical device using surgical tubing going around the bucket.

I don’t play golf, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Can you give a little more detail or a link to a picture or description?

Here is an example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEnyfKl2vYA

A lot of the students will not recognize this, but it is clearly a Phenakistoscope. A popular multimedia device used to dress up some of the early steam powered FIRST robots from the 1800’s. I am glad to see teams still drawing ideas from those early competitions.

I’m fairly certain powering your robot with an arc reactor is illegal :smiley: