pic: 1848 finished base

after we got the chain put on we realized something wasn’t right.

Are the center wheels rubbing against the Toughbox brackets?

might make it turn better, did you try it?

With the fullsize pic HERE, it doesn’t look like it.
It may when it gets pushed around and starts to “take a beating” though.

Nothing a simple notch into the support plate couldn’t remedy.

Is your mounting plate a sheet of aluminum that you drilled or was it purchased?

no, the center wheels don’t touch the brackets

thats actually silver pegboard.

you’ve got the negative running out of the power switch and your not using the power dis. block

if that’s not what your talking about, you may want to look at the diagram that’s in the FIRST manual, because jason701802 is right.

A slight flaw in your wiring. :stuck_out_tongue: Refer to the eletrical wiring diagram in the manual. (I have no idea which manual, hence why I don’t have a link :slight_smile: ) Drive train looks good though (no shortage of power :stuck_out_tongue: ). Good luck!

i can’t beleive no ones gotten it yet, look at the 2 froint wheels

well now that it has been mentioned it looks like the two front wheels aren’t in the same spot on the pegboard lol… the left (left in the picture) wheel is closer to the fron than the right one.

The chain on the left side appears to be dragging on the ground… looks like the chain was too long!

Is that what you were having us look for?

You are missing your flux capacitor. you need to remember these things (=

… and it looks like the axles for the wheels aren’t in the same places on each side. Looks like you’ll be moving one of them.

Your axles aren’t aligned! :stuck_out_tongue:

Design feature. Stagger for left turns. :wink:

thats what i told our mentor when he noticed it