pic: 186 2004

186’s 2004 robot which is currently in our “possesion”…

Okay. I’ll bite. How one earth did you get Gateway High School’s robot? The team retired in 2005, where has it been this entire time? I actually remember seeing this thing being built and compete… It had a very interesting dancing autonomous mode with those grippy 12" wheels. It doesn’t look like the 12 inchers are on it anymore.

This truly was one of my favorite years! I really loved the game! :rolleyes: Ah…the good ol’ days :stuck_out_tongue:

That game looked really fun (I’m a freshman so I wasn’t actually there), because there were so many “tasks” to earn points. And a well rounded alliance was key.

we’ve had it since the end of the 2004 regional…

they gave it to us, so we could practice concepts with it during the 04’-05’ off-season,before our rookie year…

One of our mentors(and founder) Dave and his son Ryan were with 186 in 03’ then He volunteered at the Florida regional in 04’ and started us in the off-season, and then they dissapeard:rolleyes:

apparently someone changed the wheels to 8’s…(wasent us)

Yeah, a well rounded alliance was key, and you had to do it in TWO Robots!!! Yeah, there are a lot of you out there that probably didn’t even know there was a day when robotics had 2 team alliances. And the elims were fun because you still had to pick 2 robots as partners. And during elims, you had to switch out one of the robots. (There was a lot of strategy with this!)

Ahh… back in the Old Days…

I recall the Buckeye champs also paired up in Newton and won the division that year. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive never actually see how this robot hangs(care to explain)

its not exactly in working condition(almost, maybe in the off season)

Dave said it “flung” the hook over the top with the PVC tube…

I also would like to know what happened to their other robots?,
and what about 762’s?

I believe I have the entire UCF 2004 competition on my harddrive somewhere. Ask me some time after Atlanta (or after finals) and I’ll try to dig them up for you. Send me a PM reminder early May.

When that arm was being attached to the robot, I asked them “how much does that thing weigh.” I got a reply something to the extent of “We don’t know yet.” …That was before the swiss cheese job was done to it.

The first competition I went to was the Robot Rodeo in 2003. I was hanging out with 186 for this competition because it was the only school there I recognized. Do you have their 03 bot too? It won the rodeo with 180 and 108. I remember posts calling them “The crazy 8’s.”

yea that robot is “Quite” heavy(was’nt the weight limit 130?)

not we dont have their 03’ robot…they actually won the Regional in 2002…

It was this weird triangle shaped thing…

Including the battery, which was about 12-13 lbs. The size was 30" x 36" x 5’.

The robots to watch out for that year were the blockers/sliders. They needed a strong partner to be competitive in eliminations, but in quals would be game-changing. They’d get on the bar first and not allow anybody else up without permission. They all had weaknesses, but those were hard to exploit in most cases. If one of those got up on the bar before you did, they had 50 points and you’d have a hard time getting your 50 points, plus your partner had the same problem and their partner didn’t. Ouch.

how could they block once their hanging?

how long was the bar?

Team 237 comes to mind here (Elgin…maybe you have vids?)

They had a “hook” with rollers inside of it that would allow them to strafe back and forth WHILE hanging on the bar. Theres a picture floating around on delphi of us (Team 11) hanging on their claw mechanism at the NJ regional in 04.

Another team, 190, hung from the bar in autonomous and deployed flaps that covered the top of the bar so teams could not get their hooks on them unless they lifted their flap up for you.

Check out some videos from 2004 if you can, it was a really exciting year.

I’d estimate the bar to be about 8-10 feet long, can anyone else second this?


Yeah it looks like the bar was a little bit less than 8’ long, according to this http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedfiles/community/frc/team_resources/archived_game_docs/2004%20-%20the%20game.pdf?fragment=False&terms=raising%20the%20bar&SearchType=ExactPhrase

I also remember 190 from 2004, we played against them in Arizona…I feel sorry for the way we got on the bar, but we needed the 50 points. But the next time we came up against them, they moved the flap so we didn’t break it. :ahh: I really liked their strategy though, very cool :smiley:


one of the more insane things i’ve seen

I think that the old robots just looked better, idk why. I wish we had games like that still. The new games are fun, just kinda feels like they are missing something sometimes.

Sickest thing I’ve ever seen.

And both teams came up against 330 (slider) in competition at least once… and 190 almost got up, but something got stuck on 330’s robot and they had to come down. 237 found themselves blocked from getting up or pinned on the bar, I forget which.

Also, I don’t think 190 went all the way up in auto; the video shows them waiting.

The other sliders that I know about were 1266 (rookies), 64 (big gila-monster colored box), and 868, who made it to Einstein. 190 and 330 had the added bonus that they could de-score an opponent’s big doubler ball, with 190 being able to take it over the bar and put it on their own goal. Matter of fact, 330 designed to do that, but didn’t end up being able to; that’s why they could slide (in case of position being shifted by opposing robots).

Ah, such a good game, definitely in my top 2 favorite games. That play right there may have just earned a spot in my favorite things Ive ever seen in FRC competition, right along 67’s capping of THEORY 6 that year.

Very cool piece of history you have right there. I always feel a bit of sadness when teams take apart their old robots. Glad to see a few of them are still around. (Yes I know there are teams that have every robot they have ever built but a lot of teams dont)

There are some excellent videos of the 2004 game on the HOT site. Also here is another excellent move during game, I always thought “the move” of the year.