pic: (1860) Brazilian bot exported!!!!

So it’s this…last thursday we export the robot!

8 motors:
5 CIM’s
2 FP
1 Globe
4 Jaguars:
1 per CIM of Drive System
4 Victors:
1 per FP’s roller
1 for CIM’s kicker
1 for Globe’s panoramic vision system
10 sensors
1 for kicker position
1 for mirror position
1 for ball detection
3 following-line system (go trough the tunnel)
4 encoders (1 per wheel)

119,999999999 pounds :smiley:
10ft/s to any direction
40ft to reach the kick (may vary depending on the field that robot is)

Short vídeo:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj2lx6FwVXg
We hope to make a good job at NJ!

Ummm…fyi you cant use globe motors this year, as they were not included in this year KOP

<R52> Motors specifically permitted on 2010 FRC ROBOTS include:
A. All motors, actuators, and servos listed in the 2010 KOP,
B. An unlimited number of COTS servos with a maximum output torque of 55 oz-in and maximum rotational speed of 100 rpm at 6 Vdc (e.g. HITEC model HS-322HD or HS-325HB servos, as provided in the KOP),
C. An unlimited number of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) servos (HITEC HS-475HB servos),
D. One, two, or three additional 2½” CIM motors (part #FR801-001 and/or M4-R0062-12) in addition to those provided in the KOP. This means that up to five, and no more, 2½” CIM motors can be used on the ROBOT.
E. Identical one-to-one SPARE PARTS for motors, actuators, and servos provided in the 2010 KOP that may have failed or become damaged.

Luckily, the Globe Motor was used to actuate the Axis camera, which could be exchanged for a set of servos put on an IFI mount or something.

But yeah, no Globes. Since people caught it early, you can arrive at NJ prepared to fix it. :smiley:

I also hate to be a bearer of bad news, but the gear box you are using for your kicker isn’t legal as well. IFI no longer sells those gearboxes and therefore it isn’t qualified to be a COTS item. Andymark Single Speed or Toughboxes have the same output speed and are legal.

Ignore my post if that is a custom gearbox built by your team, but from this picture it appears to be the old IFI box.

Good Luck in Jersey!

But if we even manufacture the gearbox kicker of it is classified as FABRICATED ITEM or not?

The Globe Motor won’t be a problem, but the kicker gearbox let me worried!

There is an alternative to the IFI gearbox. It happens to be the direct design ancestor of the AndyMark Toughbox, which is COTS. I believe they use similar gearing. So, you get an unmodified AM Toughbox from your shop, or get one from AM (send it to a local team, if you get their permission), and use that. It should work about the same as the IFI gearbox. It may even be a little lighter.

If you guys need a toughbox shipped locally let me know.

Actually, all you need are the drawings for the IFI box, such that any team could manufacture one. I believe this is a slight change in the rules this year, and some people may have missed it.

<R34> Parts custom-made for FIRST and provided to FRC teams in the Kit Of Parts for previous FRC competitions (e.g. 2006 FRC transmissions, custom-made motor couplers, custom sensor strips, FRC CMUcam II modules, etc.) may be used if the part is still functionally equivalent to the original condition and:
A. The part is now generally available as a COTS item from an accessible source, or
B. All information required to fabricate the part (e.g. complete drawings, materials list, Gerber Files where appropriate, etc.) is openly available, such that any team could fabricate the part (or have it fabricated for them).
Otherwise, such parts are prohibited from use in the 2010 competition.

There are drawings posted at <edit> that wasn’t the correct link… looking for the drawings now </edit>

Darn… I can’t find the drawings for the IFI transmission. I know they were published as part of the Virtual KoP, because I have a render that my students did in 2004 showing an IFI tranny on the robot… but I don’t know if we have the CAD file anywhere, and… more to the point… I can’t find where to direct you to so that you can show that the drawings are “openly available”. Perhaps someone else can…?

If the drawings are openly available, that should qualify your IFI gearbox as competition legal.

Congratulations on getting your robot done, it looks great. I know its an extra effort shipping to and from Canada, so I have an extra respect for teams overseas. Hope this helps…