pic: 1875's new name and Logo

I am proud to debut the new logo for team 1875 - now “Purple Haze”. Any comments are welcome… we are proud of the new logo.

As far as my memory serves, I believe Team 1889’s name is Purple Haze. Cool Logo. Good luck this season.

ya 1889 was Purple Haze, but r they still active? i dont believe they were at Orlando last year. But anywayz nice logo

Very clean and clear. I love that in a logo. I’m not too keen on the gradient flare on the ‘z’.

Where did you get the name? Hedrix Fans?

I believe 418 is/was known as the Purple Haze too…

Yes, 418 is known as the Purple Haze.

1889 was Purple Haze, they missed a year but made a comback at Tempest n Tampa

1875 was just Haze at Tempest n Tampa, if I recall correctly. But it was the automontonmontrons or something crazy before.

Ohhhhh Florida teams =]

Looks good Nathan. What color shirts …grey or white?

That would explain the flame as well. Plus they have a theme song.

Yes, 418 is LASA Robotics and it is also known as Purple Haze. In latter years, the team has developed their logo and is using LASA Robotics consistently, but they are still Purple Haze. At Lone Star Regional, the team often asks the dj to play Purple Haze and they have always been thrilled when the dj does play it.

Funny - now there are 3 ?!

Aside: I recently put together some tee shirts of their lead mentor, Tony Bertucci, to make a quilt and one of the blocks is one of the oldest team tee shirts. It simply says: Purple Haze. It pre-dated my time on the team so it goes back a bit. They’ve also been known to name their robots using the PH in the name. One that comes to mind is PHlappy.

Thanks, we found this out after everything was done. I tried my best to search Cd and FIRST to see how many other teams there were. Our old name was very hard to pronounce and we wanted something that was easy to remember. The school colors are Purple and Silver so we were either going to be “Purple Haze” or “Purple Reign” I preferred the latter, but was overruled by the rest of the team. Thanks for the comments


Actually, started off as kind of a joke because the teacher that sponsored the team last near last name was “Haze” and we thought it would be a funny pun since our school colors are purple and so forth. Any way, it just stuck and here we are.

Thanks Wendy! I think we are going to do both Purple and gray this year. We also have the really cool purple fedora hats that go along with it :slight_smile:

I looked on FIRST’s website and couldn’t find 1889’s old information but if I remember correctly there official name was just HAZE. There color was purple and it was obvious what they were going for but the official name was just HAZE. So as far as Florida goes there isn’t another Purple Haze.

Either way back on topic, Nathan showed us this logo the other day and I think its top notch looks pretty sweet if you ask me. I think you should consider your mascot to be puff the magic dragon or whatever that purple dinosaurs name was, that would be awesome. Because purple is totally sweet, but mostly because I aspire to be a dinosaur when I grow up.

Thanks Dan… I too want to be a dinosaur when I grow up one day…


i love the name and the design… just two questions, what was your name before, and why did you decide to change it?

Before it was “Autoneumato Autonomatons” See… even I can’t spell it correctly. We decided to change it for better PR and better recognition. It was really hard to do this with the old name and it was hard when dealing with corporations.

…so refrencing a song about getting high sung by a guy that always was helps with PR? Interesting…