pic: 188 Handbook - The Little Red Book

Prior to the 2009 competition season, team 188 members, alumni and mentors came together to produce our team’s “Little Red Book.”

It’s primary purpose is to serve as a team handbook, as it includes all the traditional sections:

Sub-Team Descriptions
Rules and Regulations
Skills Matrices

But the ultimate goal was to include so much more. As Canada’s first FRC team, we’ve amassed countless stories that are at risk of being lost forever.

From how our team came into existence after twice winning the competing “Canada FIRST” robotics competition, and the controversial reasons why we left the following year. The birth of the Canadian Regional, the “panty-hose bot,” why some alumni constantly talk about the robot that could “squish the fish”, how it was both the best and worst robot we’ve ever built, how our obsession with paint-rollers began, the REAL reason why you should never leave your pop unattended in the lab, what’s the deal with us and team 4, what’s the deal with us and team 1114, what band wrote and performed our theme song, the mystery of the perpetually backwards washers, and the story behind “Honson Ovechkin.”

There are hundreds more, and they are valuable… arguably even more valuable than the robots and the competitions themselves.

The Little Red Book is our opportunity to record them all.

This is one awesome tool as it serves sooooo many purposes. Congrats to 188. Are there any copies available for sale/to see?

I love giving examples of “high water mark” products from around FIRST to my team as inspiration and “targets” and this is certainly now on my list :).

that is an awesome Idea!!! we might have to give something like that a try!!!

I’ve started recording some of this team history in a Wiki, but it hadn’t occurred to me to print it out. The beginnings of our history: http://www.vexforum.com/wiki/index.php/Exothermic_Robotics%2C_Explorer_Post_2036. Thanks for the idea.

I soo need to see a copy of this book and catch up on my 188 history.

Thanks for all the feedback on the book!

The plan is absolutely to make copies available to anyone who wants one, however we have still have a revision cycle planned for this summer before it’s officially released.

After working with several 188 alumni over the years at CMP, I have become aware of the quality of people Woburn Robotics produces. Please add me to the list for distribution once it becomes available. This is exactly what teams need to do, preserve their history. And, I am not looking for a free copy, I will pay.

I would also like to catch up on Team 188 history, add me to the list please!

How are you producing these?

We made our first run (including the one pictured) by ourselves. We printed the covers on glossy card-stock at Staples, and the inner spreads on our printer in our robotics lab. The book’s dimension are a standard 8.5" x 11" letter sheet folded in half.

We are trying to find a local print shop to sponsor us by helping to print our next run.

I would love to have a book with all of my team’s history in it; however, no one ever took any and I’m probably the only person who would bother (and I’m leaving after next year). It’s a shame, the mentors on my team don’t seem particularly interested in anything except in winning and if we don’t, oh well, whatever. I only really became interested in FIRST’s history recently (from Chief Delphi) and I wish I could build a stronger team that was respected by others. This seems like an excellent way to start.

Great idea on the book.

I would like to be added to the distribution list as well.

Have you considered online publishing. http://www.lulu.com/ You upload your content, create your book, chose your cover style, set your price and promote your book. They do the shipping and all. You as the creator earn profit on what your produced. You can even get your own ISDN number so they can be distributed in stores (this is an additional cost). They have a wide variety of formats. This could turn into a fundraiser as well for your team. We are considering a photo book/history of next year.


For a girl that hates history class, I sure do love FIRST History (hence my “why did you join FIRST” thread).

I’d pay for a copy! :D:D

Excellent Idea!

I know that publicly distributing a printed copy would be expensive, what about making it available as an ebook or via http://issuu.com/

It would be my wish that all teams make their histories available in a public place in addition to their team handbooks. Having sample ones available would allow teams to use them as a basis for their own. Just a thought.

I did a little checking on the price points.

Here goes:
Option 1
Publisher grade paper, Paperback cover, Black & white, 8.5"x11", Perfect bound, 100 pages in length - 1 Copy printed - $5.30, 50 copies ordered - $4.30 each.

Option 2
Standard grade paper, Paperback cover, Black & white, 8.5"x11", Perfect bound, 100 pages in length - 1 Copy printed - $8.50, 50 copies ordered - $5.50 each.

Option 3
Standard grade paper, Paperback cover, Color, 8.5"x11", Perfect bound, 100 pages in length - 1 Copy printed - $25.50, 50 copies ordered - $22.10 each.

Option 4
Standard grade paper, Paperback cover, Color, 8.5"x11", Saddle Stitch Bound, 88 pages in length(max number of pages for this style) - 1 Copy printed - $23.10, 50 copies ordered - $20.20 each.

Several options on the site.

Don’t forget to send one down to your friends in California! I can’t wait to read all of the stories.

Wow! Thanks everyone for all the information in the thread!

I’m having a meeting with team alumni and mentors involved in our revision cycle this Friday evening.

The options via lulu and issuu are really intriguing, and we’re going to explore them as much as possible.

The thought of going those routes never even crossed our minds =).

I love CD!

I’m interested. Did you finish your second printing?