pic: 1881 electronics pit


Team 1881 electronics ( sorry for the fuzzy picture)

Very tight, but also organized, i like it.

Thank you, it was our goal because we didn’t have much room to fit it in.

Looks cozy. :slight_smile:

Yeah, i know what you mean, i had this nice panel all laid out wiht plenty of room then we noticed the rule about seeing the RC if your standing 3 feet in front of the robot, and well, needless to say, we had to redesign it, and now it is compact… but still kinda neat. I will post a pic when i actually build it.

My only concern with tight electrical panels is changing something out in a hurry, and knowing what wires go where, and air flow. But its still kool

I wonder if it could act as a heater… you know come in form the cold during the build season and put your hands above it :slight_smile: