pic: 1881 tube interface idea

This is Team 1881 G.M.A.R tube interface idea. this is a quick cad version i just made. We are not sure what we are going to use in the center to push the prongs out. Questions Comments will be appreciated

You should use a threaded rod like the one that is provided in the kop, it would be easy.

You could also make the joints of the hand spring loaded and have steel cable retract the fingers in until you line up and then unwind the cable to have the springs pop open the hand.

In addition to the other ideas,

you could simply attach a pneumatic cylinder to the back of finger supports or you could use the same cylinder to pull the wire that edthegeek proposed. pneumatics are usually the way to go for grippers because they don’t loosen or back drive when they apply force.

just my thoughts

one word: Baller!

Now that is cool:cool: Just make sure that there are no sharp edges:D

Once your place the ringer on the post, how do you plan on getting the manipulator back off without hitting anything. Assuming there is allready a ringer on the goal you are going for, would there be any problems getting the manipulator off?

Otherwise, very cool looking design!

We once we release the tube the drive said he know how he is going to do it, so i trust in him.

This was one of my early ideas, but after seeing the round peice of diamond plate at the end of the posts, I quickly discarded it. There is about 1" of clearance between the ring and the plate on the post. And seeing as the “fingers” that touch the ring have to be over 1" or something (I don’t know the specific rule) that wouldn’t really work.

How you do intend on getting spoilers off of the posts, too? That would be a bit more difficult than necessary.

my team is thinking about using something like that, but with three grabber things

There is rule of thickness of the tube contactor? I must have over looked it when reading

Well if i do remember the center plate on the post is 10’’ the inside of the tube is 13’’. This leaves us with 3’’ to play with. the fingers are not in excess of an inch in that regard. meaning with fingers in place we have little bit more than an inch left over. Also a side note the image is upside down.

I forgot to mention the “all the way around” part. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are ways to make it work, but the only way I can think of is holding the ring above the plate at some angle, then dropping it so the top gets past the plate and lands on the post, while the bottom swings below. That would require a bit extra height when going for the top post.

I think 2 fingers would be better than 3. It would make it easier to get spoilers off of the post.

Also, with the 3 fingers, it might be harder to back away once they release the tube. They were intended to slightly fit around the plate, and once you contract them to release the tube, they wont fit past the plate again.

Just a side note, remember this rule when you are scoring

<G33> Field interaction - ROBOTS may push or react against any elements of the field, provided there is no damage or disruption of the field elements. ROBOTS may not grab, grasp, grapple, or attach to any field structure. Robot may not HANG GAME PIECES on the Vision System Targets , or otherwise block visual access to the Vision System Targets. If a ROBOT violates this rule, the head referee will give one warning. If the referee determines that the TEAM is disregarding the warning, their ROBOT will be disabled for the remainder of the match.

When you release a ringer it looks like you are going to need to close your gripper around the end of the spider’s foot. But maybe I’m just being unimaginative and don’t see the way your driver plans on scouring.

-Dan Karol

Hmm, thats a very interesting idea, they look kind of small though.

I wonder how you would remove a spoiler or score on the bottom row? :rolleyes: