pic: 1884 loads up 190 at Chesapeake 2009

During the 1v8 quarterfinals, the 8 seed tried hard and nearly pulled out the upset. With 190 pinned in the corner with an exposed trailer, they were a delicious target for 1884 and 1511 to unload in. 2641 did a great job to hold them there for half the match.

I was extremely excited during this match. We ended up losing 72-70 but it’s amazing what scouting and strategy can achieve. Congrats to 190, 467 and 1727 for some great matches. Thank you again team 1884 and 2641 for putting up a great fight. Awesome job guys!

I’m curious if any teams had success with camera calibration? The lighting looks considerably different that that of Los Angeles and Arizona…

From that picture it looks like there would not be many of the same issues with tracking that most teams have had. I know at Peachtree the lighting was far too red and intense to get a reliable image.

The lights were very different. It was not the typical FRC field lighting. Rather, 4 stadium style lights on the corners of the field. IMO it was darker than any other FIRST field but I’m not sure if it interfered with camera calibration or not.

Once calibrated to the field, our camera was able to capture very reliable images. However, the windows at the top of the arena (you can see them in this picture) cause a lot of problems. Teams were allowed to calibrate on Thursday (overcast), and found out that their cameras weren’t tracking on Friday (sunny).

Great Picture, congrats to 1884, 1511 and 2641, you did good.

And that’s Shauna our talented Payload Specialist over on the right, cheering the loading on… That was a fun match. Note that at least one team had the camera working fine - they were scoring during AUTONOMOUS mode with impunity. It was a glory to behold and I just wish I could remember offhand which team because they deserve major kudos.

Team 40 (Trinity) was successfully scoring during autonomous for much of the event.

Using the camera at the event was very difficult as some others have said and it was relatively unreliable with the field conditions. We continued to use it in autonomous to track the trailer so we’d be in scoring position at the end of autonomous but it would often lose the trailer when it turned towards the windows.

Team 40, Checkmate, has probably the most impressive auto mode I’ve seen this year, scoring at least 6 for 7 in auto during most of their matches. The turret-swerve drive combo is deadly, allowing them to point the turret and wheels in the same direction and just head straight for any trailer. They were actively tracking (and scoring on) moving trailers during auto. It’s a shame they won’t be going to champs.