pic: 1885 iLITE Robobotics -- 'MoonLITE'

Here’s the final bot as it was Monday night. Fully independent linkage drive with automated software control, a 120-degree turretted paddlewheel style shooter. We also created a Java UI that decodes the data received from the cRIO and displays information on a radar screen.

Looks much improved from scrimmage, I hope you guys fixed all the problems. To bad your not going to VCU this year.

See you in DC- and make sure you have good drivers.

And what happened to “The Robocats”?

Java Radar display sounds awesome ! Do you have a whitepaper or more documentation about what type of sensors you are using ?

Glad to hear you guys got things sorted out after Saturdays Scrimmage, look forward to seeing it in action in DC.

The driver has worked closely with the programming team and has requested several ‘modes’ to drive in. He could be a fighter pilot with the way he drives this thing on an open field…

We rebranded under the name iLITE so we could have an umbrella for all of the FLL & FTC teams we support. We also support nationwide SEAPerch training, including curriculum creation for entire school districts. We actually just had our local county’s SEAPerch brain trust meeting tonight. Fun stuff there.

There’s no documentation on the display, but sometime in the future we might put a paper out. The mentors are all software engineers, and all but one of us work on Java displays for real-time integrated data display systems … so of course we had to teach the students something about that once we learned about the data we get from the cRIO. The driver, I, and the lead programming mentor came up with the requirements for a simple display. The programming mentor created a framework, and the students took off from there. They even created data to drive the display, even though it also runs with real data from the camera. The clip was posed with the student software lead, though I didn’t ask her permission to put her pic up so I clipped the display instead. Needless to say, I was pretty speechless when I saw how far the students got with it. It even shows the state of each linkage module, which really gets some action when we’re driving around.

And yes, we’ll miss Chantilly at VCU :frowning: Always a pleasure working with you guys. Good luck this year!

Is there any video of it in action? I would love to see the drive (obviously) and the paddlewheel working. I had come up with something similar for shooting that didn’t go through with my team, so I would like to see if it works well lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Video compilation uploaded:

Gah, youtube annihilated the bitrate so everything’s dark … I’ll get a better res tonight.