pic: 1885 Progress

If I’m not mistaken, I see 5 CIMS on that robot…only four are allowed this year. I would suggest replacing one of those with a banebots or Fisher Price, if you’re not planning that already.

Otherwise, it looks good!

I bet that 5th CIM on the lift is waiting for a Cimulator.

Otherwise, looks awesome.

Indeed, that CIM is a simulation of a CIMulator to a CIMple Box (muahahaha). We used it to ensure the angle bar next to it (which will hold an electronics board) wouldn’t interfere with the motors. We got our Banebots order in late so we’ll have the gearboxes just in time for ship.

I had some comments for the pic that got wiped because automatic updates rebooted the computer before I clicked apply. heh.

This is the first year powder coating is actually going to help the robot functionality. It makes a HUGE difference for the plastic linear slides. With 2 strands of surgical tubing, the threaded rod can run close to its critical speed with no worries.

Looks good.