pic: 1885 Season Reveal

The teaser in this is figuring out the strategies. Not shown are a rear bridge lowering arm identical to the front one and the rear conveyor. It’s not as entertaining as a video, but it will take just as much of your time :smiley:

Drive Train
[list][]Four wheel wide-drive[]Single speed, 9.2ft/s[*]Purposefully simple[/list]

Intake & Conveyor
[list][]Horizontal intakes powered by a RS-550, bring in balls from front and rear[]Bottom vertical conveyor pops the balls up 8" off the floor. It’s oriented orthogonally to the intakes and powered via an AndyMark 9015[]Rear vertical conveyor is powered via the AndyMark PG71, which is slow enough to prevent the need for pulsing it[]Final time from front robot frame to top conveyor is 2.2 seconds[/list]

[list][]Powered via 2 RS-550’s through a 4:1 BB Planetaries[]Camera uses drive train for left/right adjustments[]Max range to high goal tested at 24 feet, range to ground is 36(ish) feet[]Flywheel weights can be removed, but once final tweaking is done that won’t be necessary[/list]

We had a plug-and-play connectors for electronics ordered in week 2, but the vendor was too slow and couldn’t get them to us before April. So we experimented with something different to maintain a removable electronics board.

Rendering done in Inventor.

Great work. Especially love the compact battery location. Hopefully I can see it in action in DC.

How’s your CG looking?

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Not great; with bumpers it’s at ~7" from the floor. There aren’t any issues while driving around on the flat floor, but quick high-traction changes of direction on the tilted bridge cause wheels to leave the ground. Driver practice will help with that though.

The bridge lowering arms reach the floor and will also provide ~30ft-lbs of anti-tipping torque with some practice. The arms themselves are placed on the right-hand side of the robot for that explicit purpose – the right hand side is the side closest to the wall when traversing going forward, so it’s mostly protected from other bots.