pic: 1885 Un-Teaser, 2017 Edition

Here is ILITE’s 2017 submission for FRC 2017, SteamWorks. Can you reverse-engineer our mechanisms? The CAD is about 95% complete.

This render has the following:

  • 6 CIM tank drive train with “ludicrous”, “lol@defense”, and “snail” modes
  • An active gear ground intake unlike any seen in videos this season
  • A passive feeder that takes advantage of the active gear intake design, and can still be fed a gear when there is a mess of balls between the robot and the wall
  • A climber that can easily capture the rope and climb in under 5 seconds, even if the driver cannot see the climber

All in all, I’m proud that my team has made it through the adversity we had this school year. Because of it, we planned to specialize before the season even started. Yet since I can’t settle for “average”, we turned it into an optimization problem.

ILITE will compete at CHS - Greater DC in Week 2, then in CHS - Central Virginia in Week 4. Hopefully we earn our entry in to CHS Champs, and North World Champs.

I see you’re using bolts, sneaky sneaky.

hope you have a ball with this robot

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Looking forward to see you at Central.

You say the CAD is 95% complete. I suspect the remaining 5% are green parts. Am I right;)

See y’all soon.

Can’t wait to compete against you guys on Greater Dc

The remaining 5% aren’t powdercoated.

One part requires CAD sorcery in sheet metal to get right - the polycarbonate sponsor panel.

The only missing sub-assembly is some voodoo that our lead build mentor and lead build student came up with for a specific mechanism. One of our students will reverse-CAD it today, but given it’s tiny size and packaging it wouldn’t show up nicely in this teaser.

A couple familiar-looking features and some eerily similar design priorities here makes me feel happy about our design choices.

I love this! Now that’s what I call a teaser!:ahh:

That’s alot of nuts.