pic: 1885 Un-Teaser, 2018

Our 3rd-annual “Un-Teaser”. Why release some obscure part when you can release the entire thing*?

This year the students really played a lead role in the design from a CAD perspective. We worked through Week 5 to solve some very hard integration problems and I’m proud of them for pushing through it all.

ILITE is competing in Week 2 & 3 at CHS qualifiers. We also expect to compete at CHS DCMP, and will also see everyone in Detroit!

Standard caveats apply - not every bolt is in the CAD. Plus we may hide parts that give a competitive advantage, or clutter the un-teaser, like the PDP. You know what a PDP looks like anyways.

But do you fit in your starting config like that?

You also might run into some problems with G06. Keep it Together

Sure we do. Just keep zooming out. Duh… :rolleyes: