pic: 1885 Un-Teaser, 2018

Our 3rd-annual “Un-Teaser”. Why release some obscure part when you can release the entire thing*?

This year the students really played a lead role in the design from a CAD perspective. We worked through Week 5 to solve some very hard integration problems and I’m proud of them for pushing through it all.

ILITE is competing in Week 2 & 3 at CHS qualifiers. We also expect to compete at CHS DCMP, and will also see everyone in Detroit!

[size=1]Standard caveats apply - not every bolt is in the CAD. Plus we may hide parts that give a competitive advantage, or clutter the un-teaser, like the PDP. You know what a PDP looks like anyways.[/size]

But do you fit in your starting config like that?

You also might run into some problems with G06. Keep it Together

Sure we do. Just keep zooming out. Duh… :rolleyes: