pic: 1885 Un-Teaser

1885’s 2016 submission. It’s all there, I swear! Who knew the PDB had so many parts?!

This is a really nifty feature of GrabCAD.

We’re still slightly behind, but we’re getting close! We’ll post a photo sometime before our first event.

Wow, you must have hit the rock wall pretty hard to do that to your robot. When we went over the rock wall the first time, we only lost a couple of bolts.

Best. Teaser. Ever.

Nothing like a game of 10,000 tiny parts pickup! Reminds me of this gem. How many individual parts is this, exactly?

Can’t wait to see the final product!

It’s week 6, you should probably start assembling your robot.

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We will do our best to make sure the 1000’s of pieces come together, and stay together, for a cohesive robot to play the game. It’s missing all of the non-critical rivets and bolts, so there are plenty more pieces. :smiley:

I’m thinking in the future this type of graphic should be sub-systems and/or less explosion. It’s fun to try to piece these together to figure out what’s what, but some of the really interesting pieces are too low-res at the moment.

This truly is worlds better than most of the usual “teasers” here. Everything is there, yet you really have to examine the photo to figure out what’s going on. Bravo!

It looks like you are building a robot substantially smaller than the maximum dimensions this year. Is there a strategic reason for this?

I always thought assembly was done from 9pm to 12am stop build day…:ahh:

We measured the frame perimeter last night, and it stands at 119.125" (some slight mfr’ing variance in there). It’s 14.9-15.1" tall, depending on the rocking of the drive train. We can stay under the low bar at full speed - in low gear (ha!). I admit that not all of the low bar nuances are figured out though - there are a couple of things that we’re working on so they don’t get caught on the fabric and/or pipe.

This is how our robot usually looks 1 day before stop-build.

Not this year… not this year…

Who told your CAD group where to find the dynamite? Hasn’t anyone told them how dangerous exploding robots can be?

When we went over the rock wall the first time, our robot literally did a hop skip and a jump.