pic: 1885's Drive Train Prototype

Here’s our 2009 prototype drive train, completed by our build students this passed Saturday. It’s based on 1565’s “Twitch” linkage drive system, and we’ve made some modifications to comply with this year’s rules. For now, this prototype is good enough for the programmers to start on.

Weight: 45 lbs with pneumatics, sans electronics
Geared for 9.6 fps

can you put bumbers on that? it looks like the wheels are in the way…

Iteration 2 has all of that stuff – the outer frame will be honeycomb fiberglass. The rotating modules are also improved for better strength and more rigidity. A few renderings of what the full bot could look like are on our Sharepoint site.

Very nice 1885!!
We hope to have our pit next to yours again in Atlanta!!
That would be 3 years in a row!!!

Good luck!!!

Neat, I was wondering of any other teams would try that drivetrain this year


Nice work guys looks awesome! brings back sweet memories!