pic: 1885's Wingspan


The M Cat has an impressive wingspan

nice bot, looks realy solid!

Thanks, facing the alliance station there is also an arm capable of reaching the low and middle goals

Finally, a picture I can use to update FIRSTWiki!

Ahhh, our robot. Scored 2 ringers in our very first practice match, and that was before we updated the claw and arm. Too bad we never got a chance to really open up and score, since our claw kept bending and at one point broke. Since we fixed all of those issues however, I think we’ve got a good shot to being dangerous at Las Vegas and a potential in Atlanta :smiley:

edit: And can’t forget the look on the architect’s face when he had no idea what our honeycombed fiberglass (our ramps) was used for in real life :smiley: It’s for making ramps, obviously… :wink:

Its REALLY light and strong too :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, this was the best ramp at VCU
big, high traction, 12", 2 robots, stable, and never fell early in a match

nice picture, out of all teh desings i seen so far your takes the cake.

The thing I’ve always loved about ours, over so many others, is we’ve got two ramps, not just enough room on the platform for two robots. In case one robot screws up getting up one side, the other robot won’t be screwed for getting up 12" itself.

I love the grip tape (looks like skate tape) on the ramps. I’ve always imagined trying to ollie a 100+lb robot. :slight_smile:

It ends in nothing but pain and suffering :(.:smiley:

My older brother (who was also the driver on the team) once ramped the 'bot over the teeter-totter that was stationed in the center of the field his senior year… It ended up breaking both front casters off, and sending showers of hardware across the field. He fixed it, but not before getting an earful.:slight_smile:
We now refer to that fateful incident affectionately as “Jared-Air”

“Cody-air”, on the other hand, involves a go-cart and the jeopardy of human lives. :ahh:


Nice one!