pic: 1889 DONE!!!

there it is done notice the main power solar unit. the space-age frictionless roller system. the air boat main drive with a c02 rocket booster system the witches magic end effector, the rotary backup power unit and the red and blue team indicator light sabers. and for stealth i put dome black paint on it. coming to a Florida regional near you.

Woo, boy…where to start counting the things that are against the 2007 rules.
Main power source not 12V battery, several illegal part assemblies (obviously purchased before kickoff), the list goes on.

Actually, I looked at the close up of the picture and couldn’t help noticing the excellent welding. I’ve done a bit of welding and can see that whoever did your frame was very skilled.

One of the most elegant frames I have seen! :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s meant to be a teaser, but more of a progress update. It’s an excellent frame, and I hope we’ll get to see it in Atlanta this year

i have a major psychotic hatred for bury obscure pointless pictures of random things with the word teaser attached flooding chief Delphi.

its more of something meant to get the reaction… “WHA? they’re done?.. oh! Har Har Har that Tytus is a silly fella.”

like this…

Nice frame. I think we may have to look out for the dual light sabers this year.

Ok Tytus, lets put some pontoons on that sucker and take 'er for a test spin on the big “O” :smiley:

…hmmmm I wonder how little omni’s would work on those roller blades?

Is that a wankel rotor?

its the rotary auxilary power unit

It appears to be, a very rusty one too. Which brings rise to the question, why does Tytus have a rusty rotor?

because i was out of rusty pistions

If only he had some Rustoleum…

hmmm… i bet that would work well for a water game:yikes: looks cool

Looks like Rustoleum brand black spray paint in there…

The onboard fire suppression system is quite impressive.

I see ATL in the future of this wooden rollin’ beast.

But where o where is the flux capacitor?

Now if you can only recruit harry potter to drive the thing :-\

Yes, but its definitely not the first tiem youve seen it :wink:

Can you imagine the announcer?

“Oh, and here comes 1889 with their lightsabers! Ouch, thats gotta hurt! There may be a yellow card assigned this match!”

looks to me that its powered by the infinate improbability drive… so if it has a slim chance of winning it will:yikes: