pic: 1889 robot design

1 Tytus + 1 Dillard + 1 new team = lots of fun

I wouls have to say i am impressed. Looks good and im sure it will work well also.

It looks nice, but it also looks like someone is going to be sitting up making some holes for quite a while, if you lack a plasma cutter :-).

Seriously, it looks nice and light, while maintaining strength. I like it.

Wow. It looks really good!

I’m a bit confused by the looks of that manipulator. How does it work?

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I’m 5 ft 7 in tall and I weigh only 105 pounds. Last year our team was discussion shoving me in the shipping crate, giving me a 5 week supply of carrots and having me drill holes in our AIM HIGH bot.

Looks like some 2005 robots will be back in action…

Wow… this is about as early as I have seen a full CAD drawing up here. I wonder if we will see more teams posting theirs now that the ice has been broken :p. That looks like a solid design there, don’t know how well it will drive with a big ramp hanging off the side…

Wow. I really like your guy’s Octagonal frame. Does anyone have Inventor drawings of one of those? I’ve been interested in getting a closer look to see how our team might go about building something after that style.

Looks like a great bot!

We don’t have a plasma cutter but we have a Very helpful sponsor of B.T.I. to allow us to borrow the water jet for a bit.

the shape and the drivetrain and the mast is a battle hardened and proven reliable design. i improved on some of the shortcomings of that drivetrain and made it significantly lighter. If you have something that works then you’re probably doing something right

Looking forward to see it in action at Florida regional.

last year our team discussed using freshmen as our robot, as some of them fit in the size requirements

Looks pretty sweet. Hopefuly it runs as well as it looks.


whys everyone posting designs 6 days into build ?!

PS…Tytus this thing is sick…

hehe. I like the frame, it looks solid, i might just have to steal that and put it over my bed so at night i can see good worksmanship =)

That bot looks solid, just as I had expected from the new tytus+dillard+1889 team.

That arm looks really long does that front piece roll down, or stay in its original position? Just make sure it doesn’t go outside that 72" zone or otherwise it’d be bad news.

It’ll be fun to see you guys at Florida.

looks great can’t wait to see it in action… BUT, from how it looks, you may be outside the 72" x 72" zone. Be carefull about that!!!1:ahh:

Thanks Dan.

The arm deploys at the elbow, once (spring loaded) such that the upper and lower arm sections are co-planar (co-linear in side view). That joint is just to stay within the 48 inch high envelope. The kinematics of the remaining joints use idler sprockets to ground such that the end effector always points in the same direction (into the robot as shown, away from the robot when rotated into position at the front (left in this picture). The gripper fingers (outboard red pieces) are actuated.

We prototyped the arm today; the gripper works better than I had hoped. The remaining kinematics were a little rough because of some prototyping shortcuts we took, but I’ve used this mechanism before and that’s not a concern.

As for the 72 x 72 envelope, it fits in diagonally with Angstroms to spare, thanks to the narrow aft face of the frame which gives us an additional 5 inches of effective length. Besides, I’m sure Woody would let us use it even if it violated the rules; after all, we’ve put alot of engineering time into it. :wink:

This looks killer. Only thing I notice is that you have a compressor, but no visible pistons (excuse me if I`m wrong). Are you going to have a transmission or something? or is that for the claw…

Also, only thing that concerns me is the battery and compressor in the front. Do you think that might cause CG issues?

Last, if it`s not too much to ask, can we see it with the arm out?