pic: 1889 Team HAZE's frame (week1)

I was going to wait a few more days until all the design was completely done but since Gary wants to display our work this Saturday here’s a little more detail of the frame.

I’ll be really happy to see this robot (again.) Now that we have allowable bumpers, how to you intend to integrate them into this “non-bumper optimized” frame. From what I can see (and remember) the frame isn’t much more than 4 inches off the ground.

Also, are you afraid of leaving a lot of the electronics exposed like that?

Looks great!


What program is this made in?

Looks awesome! Which class of robot are you going for? It looks like there’s an arm coming up from the middle, but at the same time, it looks like there’s a lot of heavy stuff placed at the bottom (e.g. the pump, the large sprockets).

Looks like a pretty strong drivetrain to me.

they`ve got a 3d rendering of the full bot in colour with some discussion here:

…return of the Dalek?
It will be a competitor to reckon with Tytus!

RAWR! death to the humans


What is this? Stop posting your pics from 05 Tytus!