pic: 1889 Waterjwet parts

cut the parts tonight. water jet is sweet!

i hate you

ive been machining my $@#$@#$@# off for 2 weeks and im not nearly that far

Wow, that is nice. We just got our parts back from one of our sponsors, too. They were laser cut, but some of the cuts failed to go all the way through the .20 aluminum plate. We had to finish the cutting with a jig-saw.

I wish they had a water-jet :smiley:

Awesome!! How are you assembling all that? Welding? and how long did that take? Nice job

the cutting time was 2 hours and 49 minutes

How much does that pile weigh just out of curiosity?

29 pounds


Are you welding that together?

Ohh Tytus, I love you

Nice, very very nice. We have access to a lsaer jet we use to cut acryllic and lexan for prototypes and parts when needed, but we mill, lathe, cut and burn the rest of the parts.


I wish we had a waterjet. We sent our stuff to be machined last weekend and its gonna take about 1.5 weeks to get every part back.

In the immortal words of Borat Sadjeaved:


I wish we had a Waterjet just to make our robot look better, but our teams manufactures every single part that we use which can take a shorter or longer time to do things but it’s nice.

I spy a frame rail.

Very nice. One can never go wrong with a waterjet cutter.

well, actually, one can, but that’s another story, lol


Yes, I am jealous. very nice.


hope you end up with a clean beauty of a robot.

All those parts are sitting atop a schematic of the base… I didn’t even notice that before.