pic: 1889's waterjet nest

this is a quick check i did to make sure all our WaterCut pieces will fit on the 4’x8’ sheet.

Some of those look strangely similar to RC car parts. You didn’t sneak a few in there did you?

how long does all that take?

You should have cut out a smilie face, just for the heck of it :slight_smile:

Not much sleep deprivation there … :eek: :ahh:

So who’s been up for the past 9 days straight to have your design far enough along to be cutting out all of those parts already??

Nice tabs and slots BTW …

Dare I say, “Flop bot”?:cool:

As awesome as that could be, it looks from the other pictures on CD-Media that 1889’s going with an updated version of 179’s much-feared 2005 machine. (And if you’re going to emulate a robot from that year, that’s definitely a good one to pick. Just ask anyone who was at Palmetto or Florida that year.)

cool where do u guys get your stuffed waterjet?