pic: 1899 Prototype Linear Guide

Rather than buying rails and guides, we decided to make these ourselves, with bearings rolling on a 1x2 beam of oak. The design was inspired by 4183’s hook. We will have two of these joined in the middle by the lifting mechanism.

This is amazing

Beautiful as always.

Very nicely done! Loving the idea

Very elegant solution, nicely done.


The guides slide really well. I had a little too much fun with them today. We’ll test them under load tomorrow.

Amazing! That is a really nice fit. I adore wooden robots for their amazing handling of tolerances in wood.

Just WOW…

I’m looking forward to seeing how you tackle this year’s challenge, I’m sure it will look good doing it too :wink:

Here’s some pictures from yesterday of testing. The laser cut parts for the hook were glued together in a stack and then glued to a 2x4, which was bolted to the guides. Unfortunately, we did not wait long enough for the glue to dry, so the hook was pried off the 2x4 when we added more totes. The linear guides themselves performed perfectly.

Very impressive