pic: 190 flying at the crack of dawn

And this is why we call her the “GoatDactyl”…

Very nice… I like this robot… Nice manipulator, and even nicer ramps! Great job!

is the techicality of this bot really necessary? i’ve found that simplicity is being proven maybe not more effective but a lot more reliable… it looks great though.
questions: does your ramp rely on the pneumatics to lift 12? …and what rows can you score on?

Have you seen a WPI robot before? :wink:


i love this robot!
one of the nicest looking robots at BAE for sure
when i showed video from our matches to friends they asked [and i quote]
“whoa! is that robot armor plated!?”

haha i love it. Great photoshop work!

Ok, that is no laughing matter. I lost my leg to a flying robot attack in the jurassic period and my life has not been the same since. (tear:( )
Great photoshop work. The bot itself looks really great too!!


Looks familiar–something like 188, 330, 696…and probably a few others. How many ways to do one basic idea are there???

Less than 12 hours until I get to see it in person! I can’t wait. I still remember your 2004 bot that hung on the bar IN AUTONOMOUS and then was able to “steal” the opponents 2x ball. See you guys soon.

hehe not quite…this one has a few surprises in her. Go watch BAE quarterfinal 2 to see how it really works

this ramp was awesome to watch great job you guys.

I didn’t know that Goat-Dactyls could fly!

That was definitely the sweetest robot that I have ever seen. Holey hypnotizers, Batman!

Must have had some redbull :rolleyes:

Faster than a speeding poof ball… Stronger than a Gen2 AM shifter… Able to leap tall racks in a single bound… Its a bird… its a plane… NO ITS THE HERD! :smiley: