pic: 1902 2008 Bot as Shipped.


This is our bot as shipped. 119.7 Lbs. We had to go on a “Lean” Diet from our last pictures, and we didn’t have the ball knocker or gas struts on their.

Check it out @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxRBPF0cdaQ

Looking forward to seeing “Oink Oink Boom” in action

2008 Specs

Weight: 119.7 Lbs
Functions: Hurdle( I guess that means herd to ), Cap, Lap, Effective Hybrid
Method: Can hurdle forwards and backwards, also cap and knock without touching the ball on the other side. See below for hybrid.
Finish: Powder Coated Neon Green and Safety orange for obnoxious awesomeness.
Name: Walrus Pig


6 Wheel Drive: 2 AM performance, 4 kit wheels, single plain drive.
2 Speed Frame Integrated Am Shifter: 14-15fps, 6-8Fps.
Fast and maneuverable.

2" Bore 12" Stroke Piston running at 60psi working pressure for bottom axis, with variable positions if it needs to be changed during competition.
Elbow Joint is driven by a 256:1 AM Planetary Gearbox from the fp, with a further 3:1 sprocket reduction.
Elbow joint Moves at ~30 degrees per second allowing for quick hurdles and caps.
100 Click Encoder for Position Feedback in both autonomous and presets for arm in Operator Control.
2 75 lbs Gas struts to provide for absolutely no back drive on the arm with ball stowed, Motors work to position the arm both up and down.

Banebot 64:1 on 3:1 reduction for intake wheels.
Intake wheels are 2008 kit wheels covered with High Traction Roughtop tread.
“Tusks” 1/8" Aluminum with schedule 40 all thread and tapped aluminum round bar to keep it in compression.
Tusks Forced closed by a 35lbs gas strut with two linear springs compressed around their shaft to create a constant pressure of 35 lbs + k*x of the linear springs.


Autonomous sub routines set by location of the ball sent in by the robocoach via the IR.
Encoders inline with drive train and combined with a gyro using a PID controller for a field positioning system. I’ve been told tracking at +/- 3 inches tho not verified.
Sonar Sensors for collision “preparedness” and wall adjustments.
Consistently scored 20 points in autonomous and can hit all three balls based on the robocoachs input.

Comments on the video: I’ve been asked why we can’t cap, We can, its actually much easier than hurdling, but just didn’t show it because we were only filming and practicing hurdling. The video was filmed on a dead battery so its a bit slow ( 14-15 fps sucks battery fast on a 6wd ) and we only had about 15 minutes of drive time or so.

Improvements: Drivers need lots of practice, we finished a bit later than usual this year. Hybrid needs to be finalized and hopefully begin knocking the other ball off more consistently.

Looking forward to seeing the Chickens in ATL as well!

Thank you for answering all the questions I wanted to ask. :wink:

Again, it looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the powder coat and the robot in action at UCF.

Looks really nice. I can’t wait till UCF Regional. It’s gonna be so much fun!

great job guys, cant wait to see it in the big N.O.

Note the last 15 seconds of the video is the hybrid mode in action, knocking down the first ball and just missing the second ball.

We estimate 50% of our games we will get 20 points or more in hybrid mode, but we will have to see what really happens at Florida regional.

It looks great guys, nice work. I know with a little practice she’ll be singing. It looks like your hybrid mode works the same as ours. Except yours is faster :eek: