pic: 1902 Exploding Field

Did any robots get damage?

Looks like you guys are a year early for an underwater game. Did Lavery tell you to put the field over that drain?


And here I was thinking Rumble at the Rock happened when I was in first grade. :stuck_out_tongue:

About Rumble at the Rock

Seems like an annual event - last year Mayhem at the Museum kept getting hit with feeder bands from a hurricane in the Gulf (I forget which one, they’re so common now).

The robots aren’t the only ones at risk in the rain - are you the DJ again this year Dan?

Sorry I can’t make it down this year; Arefin, if you’re going to stop by my desk at work you need to let me know ahead of time - I work in another building most of the time.

Have fun guys.

DAN! I haven’t talked to you in forever! Hope you guys are having fun with your event! Remind all of the boys to eat and sleep please!

hey i’m in the right end. man, that was definitely an adventure!

heh hoo boy the craziness. We decided that it would best if we’d get some practice in for the water game next year.

Its currently 11:30 and I’m one of the lucky ones about to get some sleep to start up again bright and early in the morning. This year the location was different but the field was outside and the field was accidentally placed in a drainage path so when the heavens open up ( as they do often here in Florida ) 4 to 5" of water overtook a good portion of our carpet heh.

Nothing was damaged just wet.

Yes I am the DJ again ( maybe the official unofficial Florida first event DJ ? ) heh. Anyways Beth I do my best to keep them in order but you know how crazy tytus and arefin can be.

Either way we have some fun things in store for tom. and the competition will carry on despite the insane set backs.

Also it seems that when ever something explodes or goes wrong steven kowski is there to catch my expression of amused bewilderment. Whether it be the the wheel that caused us to break during the finals on Archimedes or this he’s always there to catch it lol.

you all are certainly having some interesting times yet again with rain,
i hope everything goes alright for everyone. stay safe everyone!

sorry i couldn’t come to the off season. but I’m out of town.

good luck to all teams! :slight_smile:

Just right place, right time I guess…I must just have all the luck

Yeah, I tried all day to get Dan to play some Tupac, but he wouldn’t. :frowning: and now he hates me.

next time we need a big boat and two of every animal.