pic: 1902 gets the monkey off their back

1902 got an arm stuck on the top of their robot early in the match. I happened to catch them getting it off.

Thats a great shot Billfred! We had all new drivers and I was really proud of them for managing to get the ringer off the robot.

Wasn’t 1902 switching out drive teams a lot, giving everyone a chance to experience it? I thought that was cool.

Great pic. Yay! for no flag pole on top. We couldn’t have gotten that tube off with it there – course maybe it wouldn’t have landed on top if the flag pole were there???

Jane, you are correct. The regular 2007 season drive team was not allowed to drive/cap/throw tubes. They did take the field once as a team just all doing different things than they normally do. The team had a great time at Mayhem!

An arm on their robot? I hate when that happens. Good thing they were able to get it off!

That’s great that you let rookie drivers get at the controls during off-season competitions. We do that whenever we go to an off-season event and people are always impressed with how we rarely have the same drive team for each match.

we also had all new drivers/operators/human players at mayhem. in fact, 2 of the students were newbies to FIRST.