pic: 1902 Teaser 09

Just a little something we cooked up for this years game.

That looks pretty cool. I’d ask on the Q&A though if it will pass Rule <R06>

The ROVER WHEELS must be used in a “normal” orientation (i.e. with the tread of the wheel in contact with the ground, with the axis of rotation parallel to the ground and penetrating the wheel hub).

Greatest teaser ever.

18" Diameter wheels anyone?

It’d be interesting to see a robot with those, even if it wasn’t legal. :wink:

Oink Oink - Holy Cow!

I joked about building mecanums this way :slight_smile:

How about wheels that cost over $250 a pop? (at least $200 worth of AM wheels there, plus machining)

Andy only says that because he wasn’t expecting an order of 30-40 wheels (some $600-800, less if they bringing their own bearings) from one team.

Holy cow indeed! :eek:

I don’t think it’s going to be the cow that’s holy after that purchase, I think it’ll be the pig’s wallet!

Andrew teams have no idea whats going to hit them this year :yikes:!!

Very good work,

I love it! I have been hoping to see this done this year and my hopes have been answered! :smiley:

We here at Exploding Bacon Laboratory’s feel that we have really thunk outside the box on this one. Delivering a product that would make even Woody Flower’s Grandmother proud. Talks are in place with reputable and well known robotics parts manufacturers to have these made and distributable by Week 2 of the season!

Look to place your orders soon and also look for more products to come out of Exploding Bacon Laboratory. Next products to be made available to the public may include but are not limited to, a 30 pound fly wheels for assisted turning, a 2.5 horse power vacuum gaining traction, and an exploded pig picker upper. ( Not intended for FIRST use but surprisingly the problem is not unique to 1902 )

As always Feedback and Comments on our products you can comment here or email us at explodingbaconlabs@gmail.com


Exploding Bacon Laboratory

I don’t know who Woody Flowers is, but I’m sure Woodie Flowers’ Grandma would approve! :stuck_out_tongue:


Dan was it a really good idea to get married just before first season? :slight_smile: congrats by the way

In case you’re worried, I was pointing out a common spelling mistake with Woodie’s name. (IE, & not Y)

I know & have met & talked with Dr. Woodie Flowers on mutiple occasions & have been humbled by his words & presence on every one of those occasions. :slight_smile:
He does a great job of “keeping it real” with whatever he talks about, no matter how random.

Oh I got it . . great use of uh . . sarcasm?:rolleyes:

Very nice Andrew

Hmmm… I’m glad you guys are coming to ct this year.