pic: 1902 Teaser 09

THAT IS AMAZING I WONDER WHAT THAT BUTTON ON THE SIDE OF MY KEYBOARD LABELED “CAPS LOCK” DOES. Oh yeah, it makes my writing legible and more easily understood. Huh, whodathunk?

Back on topic, what’s the estimated weight on these? I was debating a version of this myself, but the weight in my design was, well… Prohibitive, to say the least.

Craig, is it really a necessity to be so demeaning and sarcastic over something so trivial? Huh? There are millions of forums out there where people are rude for the superficial satisfaction they receive from it, however, to my knowledge, this has never been one of them. If you insist on correcting someone’s poor CD caps-lock skills, at least be kind about it.
Just a thought…

It’s been 2 years since I’ve seen you guys in action and yet you still never cease to amaze

I think riding on this robot would be something like riding a washing machine… :ahh:


(for those of you who haven’t ridden a washing machine… click this link)](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sXM_S0GMsY)

4 of those and the control system should leave you about enough extra weight to hold the whole thing together with a single zip tie. Make it happen I say.

Great Idea! Our team had it too, but it is not legal.

There WILL be a point where one of the required wheels makes contact with the floor at an angle that is not in the correct, required orientation.


somebody make a petition to make First change the rule!!!:ahh:

haha sweet 701 was planning the same thing till we read the rule on wheel orientation…:smiley:

Oh my goodness I almost forgot about that. Bring one with you just for kicks and giggles. (:

“required orientation”
did any one ASK Q and A about that cuz i am not sure that these cant be used.from the way i read it that would be like running the wheels on it’s side not just on a angle like that? if no one has taken it to Q and A i may bring it up. ty plz get back to me

Zip tie or die…thats our motto

Wait, shouldn’t a pig farmer know the difference between types of livestock? :wink:
Yeah, I’ll echo what others said here. While I don’t believe this would be legal, I’d love to see it really done!

:ahh: :confused: i hope that was a joke

is an omni directional wheel acceptable :confused: i think i saw that Mecanum wheels were okay but we thought that it would be to much money time and space that it would take so just wondering:yikes: