pic: 1902 Teaser!

Teaser or Dessert??

What a great teaser! What a great cake! Great way to reveal your robot! I wish my birthday was during the build.

116 had a birthday cake today too, but it was just chocolate frosting. This would have been much cooler!

Where is my cake wendy? =(

tell dan to save me some…i wonder if the green pieces taste as good as they look

I saved you some, but now its in my BELLY! But seriously, the green and orange colored pieces tasted sooooo much better than the maroone and black pieces :ahh: heh

maroon?!?! MAROON??!? candy red, dan, please man get it together

just because you are jealous doesn’t mean you have to mock the color :smiley:

Its not my fault you happend to choose a color that shares the name with one of the lamest “rock” bands this side of the 21st century.:ahh: The first stage to recovery is acceptance and admittance.