pic: 1902mikeoink.jpg


Me doing the “Oink! Oink!” chant for 1902. The other mentors think coming up with the chant was my best contribution to the team for the year. Lol.

Boom!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I love it, much better than our “MEGA AWESOME” or whatever… want to come up with something for us? :smiley:

You guys heard us up in the back, right? We cheered along with you guys the best we could… I still don’t have back my voice! :yikes:


To think… at the beginning of this season I said to myself “Man, I’m gonna be so confused when I go to competition and can’t say ‘Who Dat BBAT?’ every match… what ever am I going to do?” I guess this is the result of that… lol.


The Exploding Bacon Cheer (or chant) was a hit! Congrats to team 1902 as the Florida Highest Rookie Seed, Rookie All-Star, and a Regional Finalist.