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Our mascot with the three trophies from Florida Regional.

Florida Regional Finalists
Rookie All-Star Award
Highest Rookie Seed

hehe wilbur rocks

Congratulations on your awesome performance this weekend. I was really rooting you guys on in the finals. I wish I had the time to work with you guys this year, but it just didn’t work out. I will defiantly try my hardest to be a part of the team next year. Hopefully you guys can make it to Atlanta.

The pig farmers of Indiana would be proud of team Exploding Bacon. Oink oink boom. … chaka laka

As a real pig farmer*, I definitely endorse team 1902.

Andy B.

    • well, I grew up on my step-father’s hog farm, so that’s close. I got to do the fun jobs like help wash farrowing crates, hold piglets as they went from boars to barrows, and re-ring the sows when they go back out to pasture.

WASSUP Exploding bacon we had great final matches and i believe that we did awesome congrats on your trophys. HEY are you all gunna be at nationals in atlanta with us?
MARS robotics :smiley:
2nd place is just as good as first GOOD JOB

We are trying, the way we figure it we have to raise about $8000 to get there, working on the $5000 for registration alone will be difficult.

Good Luck you all deserve to go to nationals you are ALL an amazing team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, have you guys seen Winston lately? He isn’t hanging with Wilbur, is he?

Last I heard they were together in the hotel bar…