pic: 1902's $25 Cart

See what a a a little paint and time can do to a 20 dollar cart?

Wow! That’s a nice cart for only $25. Did you build it your self or did you purchase it?

Andrew’s being modest not mentioning that he made this cart for us. He goes to school in Louisiana and was only able to consult with the team via phone and internet. Yet he made this for us (perhaps he felt sorry for us and our gardening wheelbarrow at UCF) and is meeting us in Houston!

You’re ten types of awesome, Andrew!

sweet cart, though andrew is smart to stay away from that 11th type of awesome…it’s a doozy

how were those graphics done? are they carved or purchased or what?

Ohh sweet sweet sexy, thats a model of great goodness.

I think he painted it.

Look out for this beauty at houston and the atl.

Andrew will finally be joining us and when our powers combine we are Captin DANDREW.

It started off as a 21 dollar (after tax) handtruck type cart from Harbor Freight. The frame was Bright orange and everything else was black. 4 Dollar Can of gold metallic spraypaint took care of the Frame.

They are painted on. I masked the whole thing off and spray painted it, You can IM me for more directions if you wanna know the details.

It also features a sweet sticker on the opposite end…


Adding to George’s post…

Andrew does so much for the teams and organizations in Florida. Andrew also designed and made those sweet trophies for my offseason. He has never failed to amaze me or never made me upset when I asked him to do something for me. Can’t wait to work with you again Andrew.

Sweet looking cart.