pic: 191 494 639

Group photo!

Winners of the first Finger Lakes Regional in Rochester, NY.

i cant wait until our comp, so long away too

Thanks for posting the picture, and Congratulations to all three Teams! I wish I could have been there! Ken

Very nice competition and congrats to the winners! it was nice to see some of yas and others we can’t wait till buckeye! good job 191, 494 and 639!

congrats to all 3 teams… could we get a pick of all 3 robots together possible?!! :smiley:

Well at least my arm is in the team pic. :rolleyes:

oooo! that’s a great picture. This is prime wall paper background material.

my thanks:

That sure was a “kodak moment” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). Congrats to all teams, and hopefully I’ll get a glimpse of those robots at Atlanta (if we’re going grumble grumble).


thats okay… where am I looking? I am the blonde kid on the right looking way off to the left. haha. something interesting must’ve been going on!

Must have been all that deconstruction they were doing.